Android app development guide

by Ahesanali Suthar

Released December 2017

Publisher(s): Saralhisab

ISBN: 1230003579176

In the era of the mobility accessing apps on mobile for day to day operation are very common. Software development drastically move towards mobile application development for each enterprise software. With this high demand of mobile apps in the market creates new opportunity for software developers to come up with new ideas. In mobile domain two major platforms plays important role in the market. One is android and second one is iOS. Being open source android becomes very popular in short amount of time. We are talking about android app development in this book. This book will help you to learn android app development from setting up development environment to bare minimal android app. It covers from basic to advance for no voice android developer. You will find most of the topics which covers android app development. Like:

  • Basics of android studio IDE
  • Project setup
  • Various Layouts
  • Widgets like buttons, text box, checkbox and radio buttons
  • Events handling
  • Navigation patterns for a large scale app
  • Data Storage mechanism
  • Rest API
  • Access device contents like contacts

In general book covers a very comprehensive guide for a beginner for getting started android development and discuss each topics step by step. We have also demonstrated some practical example for each concepts listed above.

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