Quick Business Setup

  • When you first time launch Estimation app. It will ask you for quick business setup.
  • This setup includes like your business name and address of your business.
  • Once you setup these details, app can reuse in every estimate that will be prepared by app.

App Navigation

  • This navigation menu will provide options to navigate to different screens of the app.
  • There are three main screen in the app Estimations, Products and Settings.
  • Estimations screen will have list of estimations that you have prepared.
  • Products screen will have list of products that you are selling.
  • Settings screen will allow you to update the information like business name, address and tax information.

Estimation List

  • Estimation list screen will have all the estimations that you have preapred.
  • In estimation list for each estimation item you will have estimation date, total price.
  • To search estimation you have to tap on search icon from top menu.
  • To edit estimation you have to click on three dot menu from estimation item.

Estimation Detail

  • Estimation detail screen allow you to add/edit products in the estimate.
  • TAX:You can configure the tax type like GST, Flat tax or no tax.
  • Other Charges:You can also add other charges like delivery charges, loading charges
  • Note:If you want to write some special note you can write in text box just above total.
  • Total:At the end you will see final total amount for the estimation.

Estimation Preview

  • In preview screen you can see full preview of estimation.
  • Business Detail: You will see your business name and address detail at top along with date.
  • The table will show you each estimation line item, quantity, rate of the item.
  • Terms and conditions will be loaded if you have added it in settings screen.
  • Finally you will have complete details for the estimation charges like GST, Delivery charges and total.

Send Estimation PDF

  • Share button in preview screen will allow you to share estimation.
  • It will ask for three options: PDF, CSV and Simple Text. Pick the PDF option
  • Select the app through which you want to share estimation PDF.
  • Enter the contact detail and send the estimation PDF.

Product Master

  • If you have multiple products to sell you can use this screen to create product catalogue.
  • You can set product rate which is generally you used. You can also edit product rate while adding in estimation
  • Product master allow you to add product name, rate, quantity unit and product is taxable or not.
  • If you have multple products you can also search throught it and edit.


  • Business Detail:Business detail section you can set your business name and address of your business. This can be reused in every estimation.
  • Currency:Set the default currency for your estimation. When you create a new estimation by default this currency will be picked.
  • Language:You can change the language of the application. App allow three languages English, Hindi and Gujrati. We ware working to add more langauges.
  • TAX:You can set default tax optione like tax type GST, VAT or None. Also your tax calculation on total or per item

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