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  • Track your income and expense by creating diary
  • Each diary have separate income and expense list.
  • Total income and total expense is calculated automatically.
  • Search specific expense throught your diary with total amount.
  • Expression support.
  • Download your digital diary to printed version.
  • Tag support for each entry: You can tag your income and expense entry separately. Also you can have filter expense and income based on tags in specific diary.

Estimation App

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  • This application is specifically designed for product suppliers(vendors) who have to regularly give estimations to their customer when ever they have inquiry.
  • you can share your estimation using three different format text,csv(excel) or pdf. Estimation will ask for format before sharing with your client.
  • Tax setting. You can add tax optionally in your estimation. Tax settings cover how particular estimation have tax effect. On total or per product fixed rate.
  • Product catalogue. Another cool feature which help vendors to give estimation quickly by creating product catalogue. While adding item in estimation you will have list of items popped up from product catalogue if it matched your entered product name.
  • Backup restore database using sdcard,email,dropbox and google drive.

saral invoice

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  • Easy estimates and invoice generation and payment tracking.
  • Estimations -> Invoices, Products, Customers(Import from contacts), Settings.
  • Customer name and address
  • Product can be added from product catalogue
  • VAT (Tax),GST calculation ( per item, or on total)
  • Discount calculation (per item, or on total)
  • Shipping Rate and detail
  • Search estimations, invoices, products and customers
  • Preview estimation before sending to customer
  • Share estimation in 2 formats: CSV, PDF via email, whatsapp or any content sharing apps installed in your device
  • Make invoice directly from estimation by single tap
  • Record partial payments for invoice.
  • Backup / Restore app database using: sdcard, google drive or email.

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